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Levels of Progress and Exam Results 2014

KS4 percentage of pupils who have achieved at least the minimum expected levels of progress in English and Maths between KS2 & KS4.

English LOPs  

Maths LOPs


3 (expected progress from KS2-4)

87 %

3 (expected progress from KS2-4)

79 %

4 (above expected)

50 %

4 (above expected)

36 %

5 (above expected)

16 %

5 (above expected)

11 %


74% of students achieved 5 A* - C including English and Mathematics and 80% of students achieved 5 A* - C, 66% of students achieved 7 A* - C.   All of these figures are improvements on last year. 

Headteacher Chris Prosser said “We are extremely pleased with our students achievements and to see that the school improve on last year’s results. It is so rewarding to see all the hard work and commitment by staff, students and parents pay off and I know this will allow them to move on to the next stage of their journey with confidence”.  

Our outstanding performers were Tara Banahan 11 A*, Eleanor Vincent 10 A* & 1A, Grace Hanrahan 9 A* & 1 A, Carolyn Visser 9 A* & 1 A, Max Flynn 10 A* & 1 A, Laura Kendick 7 A* & 3 A, Molly Blake 5 A* & 5 A & Roisin O’Donohue 6 A* & 5 A.

We had particularly fantastic performances in the following subjects: English Language and Literature, Maths, Further Maths (3 of our students, Tara Banahan, Sophia Vaughan and Carolyn Visser achieved A^ equivalent to A* with distinction), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art & Design, Geography, History and Religious Education.


126 students sat A2 examinations at The Downs School this year.  99% of entries gained a pass and 70% of entries achieved A*- B grades maintaining the consistently high standards at The Downs Sixth Form.  These results are the best the school has achieved for 5 years and at a time of national variations these results are particularly impressive.

Headteacher Chris Prosser said “I am extremely proud of our students and their amazing achievements this year.  To maintain the tradition of excellence in our sixth form is a challenge in itself but to exceed the performance of previous years is truly beyond outstanding.  None of this would have been possible without the incredible amount of hard work from students, staff and parents.  It epitomises what The Downs School stands for, strong partnerships, resilience and desire to achieve at all levels”.

Head of Sixth Form Andrew Hartley said, “I’m delighted that our students have once again achieved such outstanding results.  They worked so hard to make it happen.  This was a really vintage crop of young people; indeed, we worried many of them were working too hard!  My biggest pleasure is knowing that so many of these students will have gained places at the university of their choice, or in the career of their choice.

It has been a huge team effort and I am so grateful to the teaching staff, tutors and parents who have all pulled together, endured the stress and provided the support and encouragement necessary to make these fabulous results a reality.”

Students with excellent individual performance with a clutch of A and A* grades are:

Charlie Braxton (AAAA) to read Engineering at Southampton University
Ellie Burfoot (A*AA) to read Chemistry at Bristol University
Harriet Christie (A*A*A*A) to read Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College
Matt Cox (A*A* AB) to read Medicine at Queen Mary’s University, London
Melanie Desert (A*AA to read Law at University of Nottingham
Chloe Flynn (A*A) to read Economics at Bath University
Mary Healy (AAA) to read Law at Exeter
Imogen Langford (AAA) to read Psychology at Birmingham University
Josh Long (A*A*A*A) to read Physics at Oxford University
Sarah Odling (A*A*AB) to be confirmed
Joe Passau (A*A*AB) Economics at Durham University
Aiden Richardson (AAAB) to read Maths at Bath University
Tom Ruddell (A*AAA) to read Mechanical Engineering at Bath University
Jack Sayers (AAA) to read Chemistry at Edinburgh University
Natasha Smellie (AAA) to read Geology at Edinburgh University
Sam Van Huyssteen (A*A*A) to read Psychology at the University of Sheffield
Patrick Visser (A*A*AA) to read War Studies at King’s College, London
Adam Willis (AAAB) to read Ancient History at Durham University
Sasha Wilson (A*A*A*) to read Chemistry at Oxford University

Outstanding results were gained in the following subjects where the percentage of students gaining grades A and B were above 70%: Further Mathematics, Art & Design, Geography, History, Economics, Law, Politics, Psychology, English Literature, Drama, French, and Music.

99% of entries passed; 86% gained grades at C and above, and 70% of entries achieved A levels at grade A* to B.  36% of grades were at A or A*.

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