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Take a Chance 2016-17

West Berkshire students were welcomed back to Vodafone's HQ in Newbury for the tenth year of the Take a Chance Programme.

Vodafone volunteers ran mentoring sessions and supported five workshops over the academic year at the Vodafone HQ campus.

After the initial apprehension about working with new people in unfamiliar surroundings, at the end of the five workshops the consensus of opinion was that everyone enjoyed working together at the events.

The photographs show the students with their School Buddies from Vodafone, and the final graduation photograph.

The Take a Chance programme is organised by Education Business Partnership.



Contact Details

  • Headteacher: Mr C Prosser

  • The Downs School
  • Compton
  • Newbury
  • Berkshire
  • RG20 6AD

  • T: 01635 270000
  • F: 01635 579084
  • E-Mail