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Interschool debating competition, November 2017

On Wednesday, 15 November 2017 an interschool debating competition was held in conjunction with Kennet and St Bartholomews schools. The Downs School's Debating Club included students from Years 9 and who had been preparing for this competition.

The debates were formal and allowed interjections both from the opposing side and from the audience. Teachers from their respective schools conferred to decide on the winner of the debate and also provided feedback, which the students found helpful and rewarding.

The motions were: “this house believes social media has a negative effect on society,” “this house believes animals should not be kept in zoos,” and “this house believes that education should have more funding than the NHS”. All the teams came out fighting and determined to win yet everyone showed good manners and sportsmanship.

The third and final motion was debated by the Downs School team B and St Bartholomews. Pete, the youngest and newest member, led by articulating his points in a strong and confident manner. Luke followed to support the motion with a considered argument. Alfred was last to speak, summarising and bringing to a close a magnificent debate.

The final standings were: Kennet third and The Downs and St Bartholomews joint first.

Overall the day was really enjoyable, the teams were strong, and the perseverance of everyone was remarkable.

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