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Do you know what the highest paying industry of 2016 was? The answer is construction, with an average salary of £44,359. Find out the rest of the top 10 in this list from CareerExperts http://www.careerexperts.co.uk/management-leadership/top-10-highest-paying-industries-2016

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West Berks College Open Days 2016-17

Medical Mavericks Student Career Space – A quiz to help determine which Healthcare role would suit you.

How to improve lateral thinking skills – Lateral thinking means taking a creative approach to solving problems. This page explores lateral thinking, how it can help in your future careers, and how you can develop these skills right now

How to write the perfect cover letter – When applying for your first job, writing a cover letter can be daunting. Success at School have provided a helpful guide. This includes detailed tips on writing a great cover letter, including basics on letter writing, handy tips on how to structure the letter, and great ideas to really make your letter shine.

Key skills – An overview of the crucial skills that employers want and how to gain them, covering everything from communication to creativity.

What job should I do? – Help to answer the question all school leavers should be asking themselves.

How can transferable skills help my career? – How students can put the skills they have learnt at school to use in the workplace.

What jobs can school leavers do? – An overview of the job options open to students leaving school this summer.

Advanced apprenticeships – Start with GCSEs from age 16 and train as a chef, IT technician or digital marketer.

Higher apprenticeships – When you leave education at 18, train for skilled jobs in industries from finance to broadcasting. Some courses even offer the chance to do a degree!

Degree apprenticeships – Complete a university degree while training for a highly skilled profession such as aerospace engineering or laboratory science.

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