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Harry Potter Week, October 2017

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the school held a whole week of Harry Potter related celebrations. The library had been decorated with an excellent display of potions and a replica of Hogwarts castle.

Activities started with the Sorting Ceremony; more than 70 students lined up to be sorted into their Hogwarts Houses, queuing in front of a large cauldron and a slightly-less-animated-than-in-the-books Sorting Hat.

The Potions Department then took over with an excellent display of frothing foams and loud bangs as the Chemistry Department (unfortunately comprised solely of Muggles) put on a ‘magical display’ for budding wizards which involved igniting ice, making a pumpkin foam at the mouth then setting one on fire and spontaneously igniting cotton wool with nothing more than a glowing ember!

Key stage three students were asked to create their own Fantastic Beast: fire spiders, mystical merpeople and phoenix owls were some of the imaginative creations.

Further celebrations of this wizarding week included the Media Department’s pop-up cinema, showing ‘Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince’, finishing with a sudden death film quiz that only the bravest of Potter fans could survive!

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