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Autumn Term House Matches 2016

House Matches kicked off to a phenomenal start! The students were caught up in the excitement; cheering and buzzing with energy. Ridgeway, Perborough, Lowbury, Chiltern, Beechwood, and Aldworth all eagerly joined in with plenty of enthusiasm. Unfortunately the weather was against us and the ground was very muddy and wet.

The boys played remarkable Rugby for their inter-house matches, and they all displayed amazing skill, strength and stamina. Each of the houses showed off their team spirit and were very competitive.

The girls happily participated in the competitive and fast paced Hockey inter-house matches. Speed, accuracy and determination on their faces showed off how well their houses had come together to support and encourage one another. Lots of team spirit being displayed!

Hockey Winners: Year 7 - Lowbury, Year 8 - Lowbury, Year 9 - Perborough, Year 10 - Ridgeway, Year 11 – Aldworth/ Beechwood, 6TH Form - Ridgeway
Rugby Winners: Year 7 - Chiltern, Year 8 - Chiltern, Year 9 - Chiltern, Year 10 –Beechwood/ Perborough, Year 11 - Chiltern, 6TH Form - Ridgeway

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