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Duke of Edinburgh Awards 2014-15

The Duke of Edinburugh's Award scheme strives to offer a chance for all young people to develop skills for work and life and fulfil their potential The Downs School very much endorse these values and both employers and Further Education providers look on the awards favourably. The Downs School and have helped students participate in the scheme for many years.

The expedition requires participants to undertake a journey over two days, carrying everything they will need and an overnight camp. Participants must demonstrate to assessors external to the school competence in many areas including navigation, putting up a tent, cooking on a stove as well as working as a team. Each group will cover approximately 24km on foot, whilst carrying everything they will need for the weekend, then camp overnight where they also complete a selection of evening activities including, an engineering challenge, putting on a live performance and outwitting the supervisors. By the end there will be excellent examples of the newly acquired skills, including, route finding, navigation, cooking on a camp stove and numerous examples of teamwork.

Girls receiving their certificates.

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