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Limitless Boys Dance Group 2016

We are very proud of the dance talent in our school.

‘Limitless' the Downs school all boys dance company have performed at Arlington Arts as part of 'Man Made 2016'' on Wednesday 30th November. This is a male dance platform, brought to us by ZoieLogic Dance Theatre. This project is designed to nurture and celebrate male dance in West Berkshire. Limitless meet every Friday lunchtime to hone their dance skills and to explore and create new material. This term they benefitted from working with a professional dancer with ZoieLogic, an all-male Dance Company. With their support the boys developed some impressive lifts, jumps and catches to create a highly physical and energetic piece of dance.

Our piece was titled ‘Buoy’ - If you escape, where do you run? Who can you trust?

The show included the following exciting dances:


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