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Diary Dates 2016 - 17
Date Events

Monday 01-May 

Bank Holiday – School Closed
Mega Chess Finals 8.30am-7pm

Tuesday 02-May

MFL A Level Oral Exams   

Wednesday 03-May

MFL A Level Oral Exams
9-9pm – Section B Drama Exam – Yr12

Thursday 04-May

8-6pm Yr2 Business Student Workshop Yr11
Yr8 Praise Assembly
9.05-3pm Yr10 COEN to Greenham
9-3pm Yr10 Surveying Woodlands
9-4.30pm Kew Gardens – Yr7
MFL A Level Oral Exams

Friday 05-May

Yr9 Praise Assembly
MFL A Level Oral Exams
9-4.30pm Kew Gardens – Yr7                                 
German exchange arrive in England

Monday 08-May

MFL A Level Oral Exams
Yr7 House Matches
2.15pm School Council Meeting

Tuesday 09-May

9-6pm Yr10 Geography Field Trip to Swanage
MFL A Level Oral Exams
Yr8 House Matches
Yr7 Parents' Evening

Wednesday 10-May

8.45-4.15 Salter’s Festival of Chemistry – Reading University
9-3.15pm Yr9 Enterprise Event - Learn to Earn
Yr10 House Matches
MFL A level Oral Exams

Thursday 11-May

Yr11 Praise Assembly 
Yr9 House Matches                                           
Head’s breakfast – students

Friday 12-May

Yr11 last day - study leave begins                       
German Exchange Leave

Monday 15-May

Year 12 Study Leave begins
2:25pm Monday Training
Exam Season Starts

Tuesday 16-May

Wednesday 17-May

6-7.30pm Parent Forum
Vaccinations HPV dose 2, Year 8 girls

Thursday 18-May

Yr7 Mentoring Day
French Exchange leave

Friday 19-May

House Team selection
Friends of Downs Quiz - 7 for 7.30pm

Saturday 20-May to Sunday 21-May

DofE Practice Weekend

Monday 22-May

Yr8  Praise Assembly  

Tuesday 23-May

Yr7 Praise Assembly

Wednesday 24-May

Yr10 Praise Assembly
Yr10 Parents' Evening

Thursday 25-May

Yr9 Praise Assembly

Friday 26-May

Year 13 Leavers' Day

HALF TERM Spring Bank

29 May - 2 June 2017

Monday 05-Jun

3.30pm Sixth Form Forum

Tuesday 06-Jun

Yr8 Parents' Evening

Wednesday 07-Jun

9.30am Small Schools Rising Yr7 Morning
Yr10 Sixth Form Taster Day

Thursday 08-Jun

9-6pm Yr10 Geography Field Trip to Lulworth Cove

Friday 09-Jun

Year 12 final day of Study Leave
House Assemblies

Saturday 10-Jun

County Athletics (tbc)

Sunday 11-Jun

Downlands Dash – Compton Primary School Parents

Monday 12-Jun

Year 12 return
2.25pm Monday training 

Tuesday 13-Jun

Junior Kangaroo/Olympiad Maths Challenge 2nd round Yrs 12&13

Wednesday 14-Jun

Thursday 15-Jun

Yr 12 Worcester College trip 9-3pm

Friday 16-Jun

Yr7 Progress Reports to Parents

Sunday 18-Jun

Yr9 Battlefields trip

Monday 19-Jun

Yr10 High Jump
Yr9 Battlefields Return
German Exchange Parents Info Evening

Tuesday 20-Jun

Spanish Exchange  Arrive
Yrs7-8 Exploring Your Future
Yr9 High Jump

Wednesday 21-Jun

Sports Day Part 1 All Day – Field Events (incl. Yrs7-8 HI Jump)+1500m

Thursday 22-Jun

Friday 23-Jun

Yr11 Prom, The Regency Hotel Thatcham

Saturday 24-Jun

DofE Assessed Weekend

Sunday 25-Jun

DofE Assessed Weekend

Monday 26-Jun

Yr12 Return
2.25pm Monday Training
Sixth Form Induction day 1 (8.45am - 2.15pm)
House Charity Day – Beechwood & Ridgeway 
Spanish Exchange Students Arrive

Tuesday 27-Jun

Sixth Form Induction day 2 (8.45am - 3.15pm)

Wednesday 28-Jun

9.15-2.30pm Rising Yr7 Induction Day (CAT4 Testing)
Sports Day Part 1 – Reserve Date
The MEDEC conference - Pal

Thursday 29-Jun

Head’s Breakfast – Students
9.15-2.30pm Rising Yr7 Induction Day (CAT4 Testing)
Yr10 Mentoring Day (TBC)
The MEDEC conference  Pal
7.00pm Rising Yr7 Induction Evening
Yr13 Prom, Wolfson College, University of Oxford

Friday 30-Jun

Sports Day Part 2  – Track Events
Yr13 Prom (TBC)

Monday 03-Jul


House Charity Day – Aldworth and Lowbury
Biology Field Trip to Dalefort Pembrokeshire Leaves (3rd - 6th)
Spanish Exchange Students Leave

Tuesday 04-Jul

Cross-Curricular Day
Yr10 Work Shadowing

Wednesday 05-Jul

Cross-Curricular Day
Yr10 Work Shadowing

Thursday 06-Jul

County Youth Summer Games TBC
School Tour 9:30 - 10:30am
2.15pm Yr8 Celebrating Success Assembly 
Biology Field Trip returns
German Exchange to Germany
Yr7 Parents Information Evening

Friday 07-Jul

Nettlecombe Geography Field Trip Yr12

Monday 10-Jul

House Charity Day – Chiltern & Perborough
2:25 Monday Training
Yr12 Nettlecombe Geography Trip Returns
Yrs 8-10 Progress reports to parents

Tuesday 11-Jul

P1-4 Swimming Gala
House Performing Arts Competition

Wednesday 12-Jul

6-7.30pm Parents’ Forum
Higher Education evening (Yr12)
Sport Award Assembly
Yr12 HE Day
Year 7 Bushcraft Trip
Yr10 Celebrating Success Assembly

Thursday 13-Jul

Sport Award Assembly
Rehearsals for Performing Arts
German Exchange Return
House Performing Arts

Friday 14-Jul

Sport Award Assembly
Year 7 Bushcraft Trip return
2.15pm– Yr7 Celebrating Success Assembly
International Day 

Monday 17-Jul

Sport Award Assembly
Yr9 Celebrating Success Assembly

Tuesday 18-Jul

Sport Award Assembly
1.25-2.10pm Services Charity

Wednesday 19-Jul


Thursday 20-Jul

 6.30pm Compton Summer Concert

Friday 21-Jul

Last Day of Term 
1.25pm Buses depart



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