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We are gradually building up our archive of photos and press cuttings, so if you have any that you think would be of interest, and would like to share them, please email using the details on our Contact Us page. All Tempest Photography photos are published with their express permission and press cuttings courtesy of Newbury News Ltd where acknowledged.

50th Anniversary Celebrations!

The academic year 2010-11 was our 50th anniversary. A number of events took place to commemorate the occasion and we have some permanent artwork to mark the occasion. Our formal ceremony and reunion party took place on 1st April 2011. Hundreds of people attended and ranged in age from those who were teachers on that very first day to the youngest current student at the school. We have a gallery of photographs from the day.

It was a great atmosphere and many old memories were chatted over, some prompted by the exhibition of old photos and documents. Please continue to send in anything you would like to appear on this page for others to enjoy. The webmaster sometimes cannot put items of interest on the site as promptly as she would wish, due to other commitments, but your contributions are valued and will be included as soon as possible.


Press cuttings from years past... School Archive

19th May 1960

Compton secondary school to be finished next month

2nd March 1961

Minister praises Berkshire’s good record

27th May 1965

Where the boys bake cakes and the girls do woodwork

8th March 1971

Downs School may be last to go all-in

18th May 1972

Downs school carry off YFC cup

26th July 1973

Honours and gold medals for Downs School pupils

14th June 1973

Records tumble at Downs School sports

7th February 1974

Area champions win races

28th March 1974

Much admired

13th June 1974

School athletes set ten new records

18th July 1974

Downs athletes raise £280 for kidney machine

10th October 1974

Denial by county on unpaid bill

21st November 1974

Additional teachers for Downs School

11th December 1975

School mini bus just the ticket

22nd January 1976

Downs School head defends use of cane

16th March 1978

Neil returns as Mr. Music Man

15th February 1979

The night our school caught fire ...

15th February 1979

Mystery blaze destroys school science block

22nd February 1979

Extra performance raises money for fire-damage

1st March 1979

Go-go dancers boost funds for fire damage

15th March 1979

Blaze school head says ‘thank you’

19th April 1979

Walk raises £325 for fire-damaged school

24th July 1980

Nostalgic theme to school fete

23rd October 1980

Jazz re-union for headmaster and ex-pupils

20th November 1980

YFC Winners

11th December 1980

Downs head retires at the end of term

18th December 1980

New head at Downs School in New Year

8th March 1984

School finds new sports centre a boon

17th March 1988

New library set to cost £50,000

10th July 1988

School puts best leg forward to raise £2,000

4th August 1988

End of a long career


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