From Headteacher, to Head Barber!

Posted on: 9th Jul

The school courtyard was packed with students at break and lunchtime at the end of last week, as three Year 7 boys gathered to have their heads shaved by Headteacher, Mr Prosser, to raise money for local children’s hospice, Helen and Douglas House on House Charity Day.

Tim, Jack and Ed came up with the idea to have their heads shaved in a Grade 3 cut to raise some money for Ilsley’s House charity, and after getting approval from their teachers, set up a Just Giving page to raise funds.

Incredibly, the boys had raised over £500 before the head shave even started, and after yesterday’s events the total is now over £620.00.

The boys said: “As we are raising money for our House charity, we thought a head shave would be a good idea. We think Mr Prosser would make a great hairdresser, he has done a really good job!”

Mr Prosser added: “I’m not sure that hairdressing is a particular strength of mine, but the boys have been very good sports and raised a phenomenal amount for their House charity, so well done.”


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