Headteacher Blog 02.07.19

Posted on: 2nd Jul

In this issue of the blog I want to celebrate the work of our School Council and our Student Ambassadors. It has been a very successful year for both these groups, with lots of initiatives suggested, planned and implemented.

The School Council consists of a group of students that represent all year groups including the Sixth Form. They are elected by their peers and then work together to act on behalf of the whole school community and ultimately improve the school.  Our Student Ambassadors programme is subject led and also runs across all year groups including the Sixth Form.  As with the School Council it is a voluntary programme, but is well supported by our students and is seen as being an opportunity for leadership in a subject area students have a particular passion for, a way to extend their learning, and the chance to organise events and school wide competitions.

Our School Council has undergone a recent makeover, and rather than being one collective group looking at the school as a whole, has now been split into sub groups, each focusing on a particular area. These include school facilities, student support and communication. We believe that focusing our efforts this way will lead to a more efficient way of driving change through the school and a greater voice for the school community.

I am extremely proud of the work of both groups. For our School Council members, it is often the first opportunity students have had to gain and develop leadership skills, learn how to negotiate effectively, manage opposing views and then bring about positive change.  For our Ambassadors it gives them a chance to further develop their passions for a particular subject, run competitions and one-off events from which the whole school benefits.

Both opportunities enable students to learn essential life skills, so that when they leave here and move onto to the next stage of their studies or enter the world of work, they are well-rounded and confident individuals who are keen to learn and can successfully embrace both challenge and change.  

In the past year, some of the projects the School Council have managed include:

  • The opening of the new Café 6, working in partnership with the school’s Business Manager.
  • Introducing more paper and plastic recycling bins around the school site.
  • The creation of Calm Club to help KS3 students with their mental health and wellbeing. Council members fundraised to buy blankets, bean bags and other materials for the club.
  • Consultations on the school environment to introduce more greenery around the school.

Examples of Student Ambassadors’ work include the English students putting on a ‘spelling bee’ for Year 7 tutors in assembly and establishing a creative writing club to further hone their talents.

These are not the only two opportunities available for students who wish to make additional contributions to the school.  Our older students can take on the role of prefect which involves mentoring the younger students, acting as positive role models and taking prospective parents around the school. We also have Learning Partners who work with faculties to give feedback from a student perspective on how the learning experience can be improved. Even when not on school premises, our students are positive role models and ambassadors for us. This was perfectly demonstrated recently when a group of our Year 9 students on their Duke of Edinburgh expedition found a lady that had fallen off her bike and was injured. The students tended to her injuries and then helped take her to an area where she could arrange to be collected.

I would like to give particular thanks to all the members of my staffing team who offer these enrichment opportunities, and to all the students for their valid contributions this year.

Mr Prosser


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