More Able Provision

Challenge for All 

The Downs academic success is based on exceptional teaching, high expectations and highly motivated students. 

Our staff are passionate about teaching and learning opportunity for all our students.  Every teacher aims to engage, inspire and challenge every student, in every lesson, every day, to ensure that all students are able to thrive. 

More Able 

Our more able students are given numerous opportunities to excel by providing appropriate level of stretch and challenge in the classroom; entering competitions within and beyond school; opportunities to apply for a range of leadership development positions such as our Subject Ambassador programme.  In key stage 3 they have the opportunity to undertake an EEP (Exceptional Education Plan) a substantial research project culminating in a presentation in an area of interest.  Although we do keep a register of our more able students, identification is an ongoing process because we recognise that students abilities develop throughout their school life. 


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