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This course is rooted in our local heritage, but also gives fantastic opportunities to work across the curriculum with subjects such as Science and Geography. Students develop skills such as enquiring, team working and researching and apply their new learning to practical situations. (It is learning for life at its best!). 

Students in Year 7 will study a variety of topics including current issues that are affecting the countryside, animal husbandry and environmental studies. It is hoped they will develop a strong appreciation of the countryside around them.

At Key Stage four, the course is a mixture of practical and written work designed to encourage the students to develop a wide range of practical skills required by the different vocations within the countryside.  The classroom teaching is supported by many field trips to different farms and estates to allow the studnets to observe and practice these skills

What is the curriculum trying to achieve?

 Countryside and the Environment offers students the opportunity to develop a greater knowledge and appreciation of the world around them.  This allows students to understand how different industries can affect the area in which they live both positively and negatively. 

At Key stage Four the curriculum provides students with the education, training and skills needed to achieve a Btec qualification that will allow them to seek further training in the environmental and land-based and/or associated sectors.

How do we organise learning?    

Key stage 4 – Btec course spec:  

Refer to the subject documents section below for the COEN curriculum summaries.

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How well are we achieving our aims?

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