All students study English and the end point, for those who do not go on to study in English Language or English Literature for A Level, is the taking of two GCSEs (Language and Literature).

Key Stage 3 is seen as a crucial springboard for success at the later and higher levels of GCSE and A level, and as such, emphasis is placed on high expectations and achievement through appropriate challenge for all.

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular events which run alongside the compulsory curriculum, for example, theatre trips; theatre workshops from professional actors; Writing Competitions; Debating Club; Spelling Bees; reading challenges and visits to places associated with texts students are studying. In addition, in lessons and during home–based study, students are encouraged to participate actively through group work, role play, self and peer assessment, drama, setting their own assignments and independent inquiry. There is emphasis on taking personal responsibility for their learning, with teachers facilitating this through the appropriate levels of support for the individual student.

Those who are highly able or gifted in English, and those who have special educational needs, receive appropriate support and opportunities to develop.

What is the curriculum trying to achieve?

The ability to use and evaluate language underpins all aspects of social and personal life. In English we explore, interrogate and manipulate language, which allows us to be critical and confident readers, writers and speakers. Functional literacy provides our students with the language skills to engage meaningfully in a variety of contexts. Exploring a broad and rich range of texts allows us to examine the human condition, both historically and culturally, as well as in modern society. English also develops the emotional literacy, values and perspectives needed to become a well-rounded individual.

How do we organise learning?     

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Refer to the subject documents section below for the English curriculum summaries.

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How well are we achieving our aims?

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