Business Studies


The department encourages students to explore a range of business topics. If you are interested in the business news headlines, or in how businesses are created and grow, about how they are managed and the skills required in the management process, you should find the subject interesting and stimulating.

Areas that you may find interesting:

  • What makes a great leader? Who are the most powerful stakeholders of a business?
  • What is the best way to target customers to buy a product? Where is the growth potential in existing markets?
  • What is the difference between cash flow and profit? What is the best source of finance to use for expansion?
  • What makes a meaningful job? Is money the only motivator?
  • What makes a business better than another? What markets are best to compete in?
  • Which country is the best to enter in to? How has e-commerce changed the way we shop forever?
  • Are employees just in it for themselves? Can a business recover from a public scandal? 

We feel it is important to enrich our students learning experience and give them the opportunity to engage with local business environments, we encourage and promote business links with employers. We also encourage participation in national business competitions and this year will be looking at both the Stock Market and Entrepreneurship for this focus.

What is the curriculum trying to achieve?

The study of Business at The Downs focuses on equipping students to make commercial and operational judgements and justify their decisions professionally. There is an absolute commitment to using real business case studies every day in class, and students develop an understanding of how specific businesses can improve their performance and contribute more to society. We expect students to critically evaluate what they are learning about leadership, management styles, teamwork and effective organisations, which stands them in good stead both as senior students of the school and as citizens in the world beyond.

How do we organise learning?    

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