GCSE Results 2020

GCSE Press Release

The Downs School Students Succeed by Living Our Values of Resilience and Courage


An exceptional set of GCSE exam results at The Downs School, befitting of an exceptional year group.


Chris Prosser, Headteacher, said ‘This has been an incredibly difficult year for our Year 11 students, but I am so proud to say that they have shown true maturity and resilience at a time of national emergency.  Therefore, I am delighted that they have, rightly, been saved increased worry about what their results day could bring, following the government U-turn this week.  The diligence and effort that students put into their studies before lockdown was clear to see when staff began to look at evidence to award grades.  It sounds strange to say, but I know many of our students will have been disappointed that they lost the chance to ‘prove themselves’ by taking their end of year exams.  They can rest assured, however, that the grades they have received from The Downs School were fairly awarded and a true reflection of the hard work and commitment that they showed throughout their time with us.  I wish every single one of our students all the very best for the future, and I hope to see many of them return to us as members of our Sixth Form in September.’


Anthony Dunne, Head of Year 11, said ‘This year’s Year 11 are an exceptional group of students. The journey they have made at The Downs School has not been a wasted one. The efforts they have put in and the resilience they have shown, even in the toughest of times, can only benefit them moving forwards into their next education setting or the pathway that they have chosen.  I want to thank and congratulate each and every student on their achievements and wish them all the luck for the future.’ 


Some of our students’ exceptional results can be seen below:

Rhea Bahia Grade 9 (4), Grade 8 (3), Grade 7 (2)
Lola Bayley Grade 9 (2), Grade 8 (3), Grade 7 (3), Grade 6 (1)
Poppy Bladon Grade 9 (8), Grade 8 (1)
Lucy Draper Grade 9 (4), Grade 8 (5)
Ella Griffiths Grade 9 (6), Grade 8 (3)
Toby Guest Grade 9 (1), Grade 8 (5), Grade 7 (3)
Anna Heneghan Grade 9 (8), Grade 8 (1)
Elizabeth Heneghan Grade 9 (6), Grade 7 (3)
Eleanor Hoch Grade 9 (5), Grade 8 (4)
Amelia John Grade 9 (5), Grade 8 (4)
Clara Jones Grade 9 (1), Grade 8 (6), Grade 7 (1) D*
Polly Kilgour Grade 9 (3), Grade 8 (5), Grade 7 (1)
Hannah Mulhern Grade 9 (8), Grade 8 (1)
Laoise O'Donohue Grade 9 (5), Grade 8 (2), Grade 7 (2)
Rosie Ramshaw Grade 9 (5), Grade 8 (4)
Emma Stevens Grade 9 (4), Grade 8 (5)
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